“Everything is possible.
All of creation is in you.

For every problem, a solution.

For a every disease, a cure.

The right knowledge is needed,
immortal knowledge as ancient as the stars.

The same knowledge the great masters knew.

When you know this,
you know the greatness that is in you.

When you know the greatness in you,
together we will change the world.”   
Sri Kaleshwar


Everyone wants happiness, health and love in their life; however, in our world today, negativity is running wild, and the world is sinking into anger and despair. Many are overcome with physical, mental and emotional illness for which there seems to be no relief. The vibrations in the world around us make it hard to thrive. In these challenging times, we need remedies that reach us on a soul level. We need healing from heartbreak and unworthiness, healing that washes our karmas and empowers our souls to transform our lives from the inside out. We need renewed inspiration, deeper peace, and a connection to the Divine.


“Sai Shakti” is a term given to 108 healing techniques and processes introduced to the world by Sri Kaleshwar. It is powerful healing at the soul level that is a transmission of high divine energy from my spiritual lineage which also includes Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Divine Mother.

Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) is a renowned saint and avatar in the lineage of Shirdi Sai Baba (d.1918). Dur­ing his lifetime, he often said that when he was no longer restricted by his body, his con­scious­ness would be a mil­lion times more pow­er­ful and acces­si­ble to his stu­dents. This is cer­tainly not lim­ited to those who were with him when he was alive. In fact, during his lifetime, Sri Kalesh­war often said that he spent 50% of his med­i­ta­tion time con­nect­ing with the souls of his future stu­dents.  He said, “I am work­ing with mil­lions of stu­dents to come.”

Sri Kaleshwar, saint and avatar from Penukonda, South India (1973 – 2012)

Just as his master, Shirdi Sai Baba was a liv­ing force in Sri Kaleshwar’s life, direct­ing his spir­i­tual prac­tice, Sri Kaleshwar’s con­scious­ness is very much avail­able to all those seek­ing his guid­ance, teach­ings, and of course his love.

India 2020

I am one of the “future students” Sri Kaleshwar was working with before his mahasamadhi (conscious death). In 2013, sixteen months after he left his body, I saw a photo of Swami and miraculously, he spoke to me. 

I have since engaged in countless of hours of meditation and advanced spiritual trainings. I continue to intensively study the ancient divine knowledge in the US and India. Beginning in January 2020, I took a spiritual sabbatical and spent 19 months meditating and studying at Sri Kaleshwar’s ashram in South India and traveled to other powerful sacred temples. During my residency in India, I was blessed with the spiritual name, Devi. Swami Kaleshwar continues to guide and bless me to share Sai Shakti Healing, Sai Shakti Meditations and Ancient Knowledge teachings.

“Devi, you are a bright light bringing much-needed wisdom to our world. Everyone who comes in contact with you is blessed! Your bliss, unwavering commitment, deep knowledge and communion with Spiritual Masters is contagious.” – Elizabeth Germain, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 
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