Corrin Vecchitto

“My session with Sarah was such a powerful energy exchange and clearing. Sarah tuned in and expressed what I needed and couldn’t fully see myself. I felt fully charged with love, openness, healing, and clarity. Sarah is a powerful healer and clear channel for the divine and higher wisdom to flow through her. She is devoted to healing and serving others. I am infinitely grateful for receiving this gift.” Corrin Vecchitto, Boulder, CO

“It was a really profound session and I’m so grateful for your deep caring, heart-centered and intuitive awareness. I feel a deep peace within my being. You are a blessing!”  L.L., Los Angeles, CA

“In my first Sai Shakti Healing session with Sarah, we worked on healing a heartbreak that had been going on for almost a year. After our session, I started doing the energy homework she suggested and I began to feel a powerful and gentle healing. A week later I made a decision to leave the job which was connected to this heartbreak.  Two days later I felt free of the pain and a new freedom in my life. My eyes were opened to the truth and I had had a shift in perspective. Since then I have been diving deeper into my own inner healing and have since had another session with Sarah.  I am doing a lot of the energy homework and I am so excited about my new lease on life and making my life exactly how I want it to be. I do not feel a victim to the heart pain anymore. I feel stronger and more powerful overall.  I recommend Sai Shakti Healing with Sarah to anyone and everyone.” Laura Fickett, South Bend, Indiana

“I have known Sarah for many years. I always appreciated her intelligence, sense of humour, compassion towards others, love of life. I had a first session with her as a healer very recently. I had an amazing experience. It was nurturing and loving as I had expected. But it was also challenging and uplifting in ways I could not have predicted. I felt I was learning. I felt the session was defining me. The next day something unexpected and beautifully challenging happened to me. (A huge breakthrough!) I do believe that without Sarah’s input and teaching, I would not have been able to recognize and appreciate this new opening in my life. Thank you Sarah! To the next session!”  Giulia Ruggiero, Springfield, MO

“For anyone looking to create a positive shift in their health and well-being: Sarah Garney is an intuitive and compassionate healer that helps her clients achieve amazing results. After just one healing session with her, all of my chronic health symptoms that plagued me for over 3 years completely disappeared… overnight! I am beyond thrilled with the positive changes I’m experiencing in my life as I continue to work with her.” ~ Nicole M., Los Angeles, CA

Jenny J Aug 2015

Jenny Jonnson

“In 2007, I had an accident from a fall of a racehorse which resulted in intracranial hemorrhages and temporary paralysis of my left leg. After years of experiencing difficulty physically and in many areas of my life, I began seeing Sarah for Sai Shakti Healing  to recover from residual trauma still lingering from the accident.

Sarah is simply divine.  She is heavenly and earthly at the very same time, filled with love.   The healing sessions work in miraculous ways, it is profound and it is real. I am convinced it is the most efficient way to heal, allowing the  body to do its own inner healing.  With Sai Shakti Healing, Sarah  guides your body to work at peace, without interference of any negativity. The work we have done together has really helped me to trust myself again and to move forward in my life in an empowered and wonderful way.”   Jenny Jonnson, Sweden

marlu harris

Marlu Harris

”Sarah ​is an amazing healer. After one session, I felt​ calm and relaxed as well as energized and recharged. She offered ​suggestions on my meditation practice and information about decharging negativity. She is the real deal.”​

Marlu Harris, Life Coach and MFT, Santa Monica, CA

“Ok, Sarah, not sure what you did but WHOA! It’s been an amazingly busy, profitable and crazy week!!!! I decided on and launched a new business that is already going gangbusters. My enthusiasm and energy are off the charts and stuff is just flowing! There’s always a lag time in starting a business, but not this time! Your encouragement to live my truth and passion really helped, as well, the healing session also cleared the blocked energy in my heart. I love your work and I plan to schedule more Sai Shakti Healing sessions with you soon!”  Terri Belser, Kansas City, MO

Jenifer Cady

“After two Sai Shakti Healing sessions with Sarah, I can really tell a difference in the way that I feel in my body. I am feeling more grounded, secure, and happy with who I am. Sarah is in tune with her clients, and her work allows for any blocks or issues to come to light in order to be healed. Each session is different, depending on what is happening energetically.  Like steeping tea, these healing sessions have permeated my life for better clarity.” Jenifer Cady, Photographer at jenifercady.com, Kansas City, MO


noah c pic wiht mic

Noah Christensen

“From every fiber in my soul, i am infinitely grateful for the incredible session yesterday. We have been working together for a over a year, and it’s truly amazing to me how versatile and deep the healing that is possible with your healing modalities. I see the benefit in so many areas of my life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Sai Shakti Healing sessions with you has truly improved my quality of life. Thank you Sarah!”

Noah Christensen, Los Angeles, CA


“After my Sai Shakti Healing session with Sarah, I was able to drive 100 miles in one day.  Before that I’d been crippled by driving anxiety and had only driven a few miles outside of the city limits a handful of time. Very amazing work!”   Kelly Cirone, Kansas City, MO

joy light

Joy Light

“Thank you dear Sarah for the excellent skills you have taught me so that I can really show up in life and succeed!! Things are flowing and I wanted you to know that your suggestions have become an important part of my meditation and daily grounding. I feel like I am coming online after being submerged for a while.”

~ Joy Light, Ashland, OR


“Sarah, life has been really unfolding since our last healing session! I feel more in alignment with my purpose and have been more aware. Also there has been a natural relaxation that has occurred; I have found myself more present with all that I do. Thank you, I am amazed at how effectively powerful the work is.” – Lindsay Markwith, Fresno, CA

“I have had a profound sense of freedom and opening into a new paradigm for my life since the session. Your healing work is so efficient. I have been to so many doctors telling them about the pain in my colon and spinning of my nervous system to no avail. No one could figure it out. You nailed it with your work and quickly alleviated the pain and discomfort in the session. Energy work is so much more efficient for me than the old mechanical model of western medicine and faster than lightning for my emotional self and recognition as compared to traditional talk therapy. It feels much more complete in shifting than cognitive behavioral counseling. Thank you again!” Tashi Ihakthong, Los Angeles, CA

Sarah’s work is amazing and helped move what seemed like mountains in minutes! It feels like a deep water healing, removing layers of accumulated trauma, doubt, fear, anguish, immobility and feeling of being “stuck” that sneak up in ways that even with the “tools” as spiritual light workers have, we often do not use for ourselves. Your kind, sensitive, compassionate, open heart allows us to receive the gifts which we truly deserve. Any feeling of unworthiness, just seems to vanish. After a recent traumatic experience I needed an emergency clearing and healing. Sarah removed the​ blocks instantly. I finally took my first deep breath in days and really felt the release and the “Love from the Universe” come rushing back in.” Debra Evans, St. Petersburg, FL

“My work with Sarah Garney is the most powerful, life changing work I have ever experienced. With her help, I was able to release perniciously held subconscious beliefs, which were no longer serving me. I was especially impressed with her ability to be in the moment and let my best course of healing be presented to her. It appeared to me she was able to let go of the ego mind and allow the divine mind to direct our session. She asked me how I felt after our hour together, and my one word answer was “clear.” Many days later now, I still feel completely clear of the subconscious blocks I had carried for my entire life. Our work accessed my subconscious in a way that I didn’t know was possible, and gently, sweetly, swept out the bits that no longer supported me. I am grateful beyond words.” McKinley Barnes, Ojai, CA

“Sarah, your healing session was nothing short of transformational. The healing has been tremendous. After several months of stagnation and inner haze, the lights are back on. I feel at home in my heart and self again. The other thing that was really amazing is that my body is healing. My knees had been really tender since the accident, but i did a strong yoga class on Saturday and i felt amazing. I feel like the healing is unfolding like ripples into waves. Thank you.”
N.C., Santa Monica, CA

“Sarah, I have to tell you the healing session with you was pivotal for me. We investigated issues that were loitering in body, mind and spirit in a way that was completely accessible and felt good in the moment and continue to resonate with me now. This unique healing modality helped to energetically unwind blocks and patterns and provided me with a healing and attunement to align me to the best version of myself and my highest purpose and intention. Sarah, you are a gifted and present healer and teacher!” ~ Robyn Hastin, Shell Beach, CA

“Thank you for such an amazing session. I was not sure what to expect. It was wonderful to receive not only a strong energy healing for my body but also my mind and heart. I didn’t expect our time together to be so therapeutic emotionally as well. My body and my mind feel balanced and clear, thank you so much, I am really looking forward to more sessions!” ~ A.B., Santa Monica, CA

“Our session was so powerful and positive for me. Since then I have felt lighter, more peaceful, and almost like a knot inside me was untied.” ~ Emily Caruthers, Venice, CA

“I had a powerful healing session with Sarah Garney this morning. I was amazed at how she honed in on my kidney and bladder issues as related to emotional/spiritual limitations that were manifesting in my life. Literally, a point on my foot that has been aching for days was mentioned in the first couple of minutes (and I’ve been working on healing my kidneys for a while). I have a feeling that with some diligence on my part, this is the beginning of new patterning in my body and life. Here’s to Fantastic Beingness through healing sessions and gifted beings who are sharing their gifts in the name of evolution, healing, and betterment of the world through becoming better versions of ourselves.” Sonia Weksler, San Diego

“Sarah’s sessions leave space for life’s mysteries to enter the process. Sarah is a special healing guide; her eyes sparkle with light and her intuition astounds me. I experienced a synchrony of words and imagery that inspired me and deeply affirmed my journey”
~ Kirsten Allen, Minneapolis, MN

“Sarah’s loving and compassionate presence creates a space of safety that allows deep healing to take place.” ~Suzan Pelfrey, Ojai, CA

“After some reflection, I realized the healing I experienced today was an alchemical process, the transmutation of the pain body in to greater awareness, as Eckhart Tolle describes in his work. This was made possible by your unshakeable presence Sarah. To be able to share space with someone that holds such deep presence is an honor, a blessing. Its the reason why people gravitate to the feet of teachers, gurus, masters, to be able to know oneself through the pristine reflection of another. Its a true gift the service that you are providing for humanity as we experience this shift in consciousness and mass healing. You are truly a peaceful warrior and the contribution of a single being is nothing short of miraculous. I am deeply humbled and appreciative. Thank you for Being.” Galia Bear Brown, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank-you Sarah, for a wonderful Skype session. It was great to ‘see’ you again and I feel completely confident that we achieved what we set out to. I’m already looking forward to working with you again!! Sending much love, gratitude & sunshine” ~ Emily Rooney, Byron Bay, Australia

“A few weeks ago I enjoyed a distance session with Sarah, and continue to experience great things from it! Over the past 24 hrs some doorways & great opportunities have opened for me that were hidden before. Thank you so much Sarah, and much love to you for your gifts”                                                                                                                            ~ Stan Holt, Atlanta, GA

“I had my first two healing sessions with Sarah in 2006. After the very first time I was more inspired and empowered than I had ever felt in my life. I got up the next morning and drove from Santa Barbara to Yosemite and then straight over the mountains to look at the ghost town of Bodie. I have not looked back since. For anyone really wanting to make a change or experience a new more incredible way of being I recommend spending quality healing time with Sarah Garney You will thank You for it.”  ~Sonja Petersen, Auckland, NZ

“Very powerful work. I highly recommend Sarah. This is where the work starts, dissolving those limiting beliefs.”    Zat Baraka, Santa Monica

“The Healing sessions with Sarah allowed the dialog between my heart and conscious self to go deeper. After stating my issue in only a few words, she reflected back for me with an insight I had been searching for and which calmed my fears. I felt such a relaxation in my being!”                                                         ~Sarah Wallbaum, Kansas City, MO

“Sarah is an amazing healer and intuitive. She has an incredible gift of tuning in to what I might be experiencing and needing at the moment, and to work directly with that each time, helping me move forward to my next step. She has inspired me to embrace a greater level of self-acceptance and to be more grounded in my body…. Sarah brings much heart, compassion, and wisdom to her work, as well as a practical, down-to-earth, here and now focus. It is such a gift and blessing to experience.”
~L.D., Los Angeles

“Sarah is gifted with such a deep, nurturing presence. There’s an ocean of healing energy behind her eyes. Her work helps re-connect me with my own wholeness and well-being.”
~G. C., Los Angeles, CA

“Sarah has in innate ability to see through the veils of illusion and guide you into the more authentic layers of self discovery. She weaves various philosophies with compassion and direct honesty.  Sarah draws from many years of healing studies and integrates what she has learned with her own unique intuitive visions and perspectives.  I appreciate how she can dive directly into the issue at hand and extract the gems of wisdom hidden beneath the challenge.”
~ Romi Cumes, Santa Barbara

“In my session with Sarah, I experienced an infusion of healing energy and insightful sharing which effortlessly shifted my viewpoint on something that had troubled me for months. Sarah embodies unconditional love in her sessions and inspired me to access my deep inner knowing.  I’ve been able to take concrete steps and go into positive action.  I feel more positive and am enjoying the ongoing effects of the momentum generated with her inspired healing session”                   ~B.L., Santa Barbara

“Sarah is in ‘full-expression’ of one of her many callings… and that is to intuit, in a most gentle, not at all obvious way – EXACTLY WHAT THE PERSON NEEDS!” 
              ~Bonnie Kelley, San Diego

“Fantastic, synergistic rapport… I find more love and life force accessible to me…. Sarah’s love and passion for her work has so much to do with the incredible results”.         ~ F. G., Santa Barbara

“Sarah is able to gently guide me toward healing within a short time. I have had several sessions working with a variety of questions or issues and have received amazing results. The peaceful, positive changes have come into my life within days!  In one session I worked on abundance and the next week I saw a large amount of money come into my life. I am so pleased to have found this work, thank you.”  ~Emily L., Santa Barbara, CA

“Sarah, Thanks for the work you do and who you are, you are a valuable community resource. Your presence and wellness consciousness inspire and nourish me.”                 ~R.B., Santa Barbara

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    • Charles, I have a bunch of kids and learn from all of them. You have a right to be proud of your girls and this is a standout example of how some people can change the world one act at a time.

  1. I have known Sarah for many years. I always appreciated her intelligence, sense of humour, compassion towards other, love of life. I had a first session with her as a healer very recently. I had an amazing experience. It was nurturing and loving as I expected. But it was also challenging and uplifting in ways I could not have predicted. I felt I was learning. I felt the session was defining me. The next day something unexpected and beautifully challenging happened to me. I do believe that without Sarah’s input and teaching, I would not have been able to recognize and appreciate this new opening in my life. Thank you Sarah! To the next session!

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