“My Sai Shakti Healing session with Sarah occurred at a time when I was experiencing a particularly high anxiety level around a health issue. I had become obsessed with finding out what it was and what was causing it.  So much so my anxiety was controlling me. I had several doctors’ appointments and several treatments then I saw a flyer about her and her work and felt drawn to explore her healing practice.

She put me at ease during the session and I have continued to maintain a much more reasonable state of being.  Based on the divine messages and energy practices she shared with me I was encouraged and motivated me to look at ways I can de-charge the anxious, negative energy to come back to balance. I am integrating that into my daily life now.

She also guided me to go on a creative journey to bring me back to fulfillment and sense of aliveness. New ideas are coming through a new awareness. And her encouragement to turn my problems over to the Divine got me started researching how I can work more in this realm.  My health issue has righted itself. Sarah helped me come back to myself and opened other possibilities to explore. So grateful.” Sharon B., Kansas City, MO

Corrin Vecchitto

“My Sai Shakti Healing session with Sarah was powerful. Sarah tuned in and expressed what I needed and couldn’t fully see myself. I felt fully charged with love, openness, healing, and clarity. Sarah is a powerful healer and clear channel for the divine and higher wisdom to flow through her. She is devoted to healing and serving others.”Corrin Vecchitto, Boulder, CO

“I’ve known Sarah for many years and I must say, she’s the real deal, she has done the work and is committed to a spiritual path and assisting others. I’ve greatly benefited from her guidance!”  Sean Kirkpatrick, Santa Barbara, CA

“In my first Sai Shakti Healing session with Sarah, we worked on healing heartbreak. After the first session, I began to feel a powerful and gentle healing unfolding. I now feel free of the pain and have am experiencing a new freedom in my life. I am so excited  to make my life exactly how I want it to be. I do not feel a victim to the heart pain anymore. I feel stronger and more powerful.”  – Laura Fickett, South Bend, Indiana

“I have known Sarah for many years. I always appreciated her intelligence, sense of humour, compassion towards others, and love of life. I had a first session with her very recently. I had an amazing experience. It was nurturing and loving as I had expected. But it was also challenging and uplifting in ways I could not have predicted. I felt I was learning. I felt the session was defining me. The next day something unexpected and beautifully challenging happened to me. (A huge breakthrough!) I do believe that without the healing and Sarah’s guidance, I would not have been able to recognize and appreciate this new opening in my life. Thank you Sarah! “  – Giulia Ruggiero, Springfield, MO

“It was a really profound session and I’m so grateful for your deep caring, heart-centered and intuitive awareness. I feel a deep peace within my being. You are a blessing!”  – L.L., Los Angeles, CA

Jenny J Aug 2015

Jenny Jonnson

“I began seeing Sarah for Sai Shakti Healing to recover from residual trauma still lingering from a 2007 fall from a race horse which resulted in intracranial hemorrhages and temporary paralysis of my left leg.

Sarah is simply divine.  She is heavenly and earthly at the very same time, filled with love.  The healing sessions work in miraculous ways, it is profound and it is real. I am convinced it is the most efficient way to heal, allowing the  body to do its own inner healing. The work we have done together has really helped me to trust myself again and to move forward in my life in an empowered and wonderful way.”  – Jenny Jonnson, Sweden

marlu harris

Marlu Harris

”Sarah ​is an amazing healer. After one session, I felt​ calm and relaxed as well as energized and recharged. She offered ​suggestions on my meditation practice and information about decharging negativity. She is the real deal.”​

– Marlu Harris, Life Coach, MFT, Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you for the Sai Shakti Healing session. My enthusiasm and energy are off the charts and stuff is just flowing! Your encouragement to live my truth and passion really helped, as well, the healing also cleared the blocked energy in my heart. I love your work and I plan to schedule more Sai Shakti Healing sessions with you soon!”  Terri Belser, Kansas City, MO

Jenifer Cady

“After two Sai Shakti Healing sessions with Sarah, I can really tell a difference in the way that I feel in my body. I am feeling more grounded, secure, and happy with who I am. Sarah tunes in and allows for any blocks or issues to come to light in order to be healed. Each session is different, depending on what is happening energetically.  Like steeping tea, these healing sessions have permeated my life for better clarity.” Jenifer Cady, Photographer at jenifercady.com, Kansas City, MO

noah c pic wiht mic

Noah Christensen

“From every fiber in my soul, i am infinitely grateful for the incredible session yesterday. We have been working together for a over a year, and it’s truly amazing to me how versatile and deep the healing that is possible with Sai Shakti Healing. I see the benefit in so many areas of my life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. These sessions with you have truly improved my quality of life. Thank you Sarah!”

Noah Christensen, Los Angeles, CA

“After my Sai Shakti Healing session with Sarah, I was able to drive 100 miles in one day.  Before that I’d been crippled by driving anxiety and had only driven a few miles outside of the city limits a handful of time. Very amazing work!”   Kelly Cirone, Kansas City, MO

joy light

Joy Light

“Thank you dear Sarah for the excellent skills you have taught me so that I can really show up in life and succeed!! Things are flowing and I wanted you to know that your suggestions have become an important part of my meditation and daily grounding. I feel like I am coming online after being submerged for a while.”

– Joy Light, Ashland, OR

“Sarah, my life has been really unfolding since our last healing session! I feel more in alignment with my purpose and have become more aware. Also there has been a natural relaxation that has occurred; I have found myself more present with all that I do. Thank you, I am amazed at how effectively powerful the work is.” – Lindsay Markwith, Fresno, CA

“My work with Sarah Garney is the most powerful, life changing work I have ever experienced.  I was especially impressed with her ability to be in the moment and let the best course of healing be presented to her. It appeared to me she was able to let go of the ego mind and allow the divine mind to direct our session. After our session I felt clear, a new sense of clarity. I still feel completely clear of the blocks I had carried for my entire life. I am grateful beyond words.” – McKinley Barnes, Ojai, CA