Everyone wants happiness, health and love in their life; however, in our world today, negativity is running wild, and the world is sinking into anger and despair. In these challenging times, we need remedies that reach us on a soul level. We need healing from heartbreak and unworthiness, healing that washes our karmas and empowers our souls to transform our lives from the inside out. We need renewed inspiration, deep peace, and a connection to the Divine.



Sai Shakti Healing is an ancient science of soul healing taught by the South Indian saint and avatar, Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) from Ancient Palm Leaf manuscripts. When the right energy is given to the soul, the soul awakens to its own divine nature and healing of the body, heart and mind begins automatically. 


Devi sends pure cosmic energy known as shaktipat to your soul through the Five Elements energy channels and in connection with spiritual masters. This shaktipat, revitalizes the soul’s ability to heal itself by giving doses of cosmic energy directly to energy centers in the body and the soul. 


When your soul is strengthened in this way,  your heartbreak begins to heal, traumas and negativity are healed. This inner transformation takes place from the inside out positively affecting every aspect of your life.


Devi shares Sai Shakti Healing through direct touch in person as well distance healing via Zoom. 


Improve all areas of life – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

  • Heal and empower women, pregnant mothers, and children
  • Release and heal heartbreak, depression, and negative relationships
  • Heal excess fear, anxiety, jealousy
  • Bring prosperity and success in business and personal life
  • Create protection circles around you
  • Raise your soul vibration
  • Heal abuse, abandonment and childhood wounds
  • Bring relief from negative energies


India 2020

“Devi, you are a bright light bringing much-needed wisdom to our world. Everyone who comes in contact with you is blessed! Your bliss, unwavering commitment, deep knowledge and communion with Spiritual Masters is contagious.” – Elizabeth Germain, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 
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some text excerpted from the Divine Mother Center