Powerful Temples in India


“The Himalayas, Shirdi, Penukonda, Tirupati, Kalahasti, Arunachala…certain places are high, holy places.

As soon as you arrive there, your soul receives amazing energy. The energy exists there for several thousand years.” 

– Sri Kaleshwar

India is the Motherland or ‘Grandparent’ of the planet. All of the ancient formulas originated in India and were carried to other civilizations. In ancient times, visitors used to get out of their boats and pranam and literally kiss the earth when they landed on the Indian shores. India has retained its ancient culture and the ancient traditions are alive and practiced daily all over India. There are many natural and cultivated power spots in India, including extremely highly charged temples, Shiva lingams, and other amazing spiritual treasures. India is the land of the supernatural.  It is also a land to train you and test you, always teaching the visitor patience, opening the mind and heart up to something completely different from the western culture. If you come to India with an open heart and patience – you cannot imagine the gifts you will receive.


Shirdi is in Maharastra state in the North, the home of Shirdi Sai Baba’s living statue and mahasamadhi (place of his burial). Shirdi is a mecca for spiritual pilgrims and everyone is so happy to “be there with Baba.”

SHIRDI SAI BABA murti (living statue) IN SHIRDI


Baba’s temple in Shirdi

An amazing saint and avatar, and an incarnation of Shiva, Shirdi Sai Baba (1840 -1918) was a genius at playing with the illusions. He showed himself as a fakir/beggar but was really a kabir/king. He constantly tested his devotees for their own growth. He washed the karmas of his devotees through their offerings to him of money, food and their open hearted service. Shirdi Baba was and is omniscient. He knows the thoughts and feelings of all his devotees which measure in the hundreds of millions around the globe. His popularity continues to grow exponentially since his Mahasamadhi one hundred years ago. Everyone knows about Baba in India. During his life and afterwards, Baba performed/performs unbelievable miracles, always to lift up the people. If a devotee thinks on Baba in a moment of distress, and calls on him, he will always respond. Shirdi Sai Baba was Sri Kaleshwar’s master for many many lifetimes. He is filled with unconditional love and humility and simultaneously is the ultimate protector/Shiva energy.

Shiva Sai Mandir – Penukonda, South India


The ashram of Swami Kaleshwar is an ancient power spot, dating back 18,000 years. It has been the home to thousands and thousands of rishis and maharishis over millenia. The land has excellent Vaastu, a special mountain that contains temples within, no longer accessible, and many other mysterious and supernatural attributes. Sri Kaleshwar called his ashram the ‘Divine Mystery Fort.’  The earth vibrates extremely high in Penukonda and especially at Swami Kaleshwar’s ashram. Swami Kaleshwar used to say that meditating in Penukonda for a few hours was equal to thousands of hours of meditation in a “normal” non-powerspot place.

The benefits of walking and meditating on this sacred land and connecting to Swami’s samadhi are numerous. Walking on the land automatically decharges and recharges your soul with high divine cosmic energy. Your meditations are expanded and during your sleep, a lot of healing is happening. You can really enter the deep deep inner silence and bliss there and even people who don’t think they can meditate, will fall into trance on this sacred land. 

JC Garden – Shiva Sai Mandir, Penukonda


The ruins in Hampi are the remains of Krishnadevaraya’s kingdom from the 16th century – He was the last king of the Vijayanagar empire. His armies lost to the invading troops from the north. Krishnadevaraya was the richest king in the world at the time and there are published journals from Portugese explorers who visited Hampi and were awed by the wealth and wrote down their experiences.  The intricate temples, and buildings were built by Krishnadeveraya and his famous family dynasty.

Hampi temple ruins

Krishnadevaraya lost interest in his kingdom and turned to spirituality, one part why they lost to the invading tribes. There is one very important Shiva lingam, the Bhadava lingam, that was completely protected from any destruction and will be protected throughout time. 


Sri Kaleshwar took his students to Hampi many times, leading spiritual processes also involving the Bhadava lingam – and connecting that energy to Penukonda. Hampi was always a beautiful place to go and relax and meditate on the river.

Sri Kaleshwar teaching in Hampi

“Everything is in us. But we have to find it. The processes, the perfect processes, you have to do. Doing them at the exact timing, whatever is indicated, the right channeling through your body to your soul, only then is it possible to grow, to make the soul bloom to give fruit. Until then, it’s highly impossible to imagine such greatness is hidden in you.”  

– Sri Kaleshwar