“It’s easy to awaken the soul when it is in the womb.” Sri Kaleshwar


Receive Blessing for a Divine Baby

The Divine Baby Blessing
A mother can bring enlightenment to the baby she’s carrying in her womb. She can make her child into a pure crystal divine soul. She can say prayers so the child’s soul will come out very strong, with a lot of clarity. If all mothers would do that, then such highly powerful people would be born. They would be glorious, knowing the truth and reality, no more depression. Mothers can give that.

The Hidden Power of the Womb: Conscious Pregnancy & Fertility Practices

Thousands of years ago, becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child was a sacred practice – a holy experience. Knowledge and spiritual practices for maintaining the vibrations of the womb were utilized by both men and women. These practices created healthy, loving, enlightened relationships, where both the masculine and feminine energies were balanced and respected; and sexual energy was an expression of the highest creative energy. Men and women practiced these ancient processes to purify their Womb Chakras and attract their soul mates to them and to create a blessed child. This is how the ancient sages, rishis, created children with divine consciousness.

These same ancient practices can be used today for fertility, conscious conception, pregnancy and birth, and throughout the life of the child. They create an ideal vessel for higher consciousness and soul development and provide your child with energetic protection from life’s illusions and negativities. It will be easier for them to bypass some of the challenges facing children in today’s society.  Children are connected to their soul’s purpose in life; they have a strong willpower, and are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. They are peaceful, loving, happy, children who have strong self-confidence and innate wisdom.

A Mother’s Unique Power

A mother has a sacred connection with her children beginning before her children are born. Just as a mother enhances her baby’s growth and well-being with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, she can also enhance the baby’s spiritual growth and well being by consciously providing divine energies to her baby’s soul while it is in her womb. She can bless her baby with many wonderful abilities as it is developing throughout pregnancy.

Ancient spiritual practices from the palm leaf manuscripts teach ways you, as a mother, can develop your child’s soul as it is growing in your womb. You can transmit spiritual energy to your baby during pregnancy and throughout your child’s life through these simple practices, prayers, and meditations. These techniques awaken the highest spiritual energy and consciousness in a baby’s soul to reach its fullest potential.

Whether you are a first time parent or an established family you will gain invaluable insight and lasting benefits from these powerful ancient practices.

Divine Baby Blessing

The Divine Baby Blessing is a single energy transmission a mommy-to-be can receive for her baby’s soul while it is in her womb. The Divine Baby Blessing is given in one short energy transmission (shaktipat) during any stage of pregnancy by a Sai Shakti healer. This blessing empowers your Womb Chakra, awakening divine energy within you, and works through you to develop your baby’s soul.

After receiving the Divine Baby Blessing you do not need to use any of the other prayers or tools unless you want to. Any practices you do in addition to receiving this energy transmission will further empower and develop the brilliant light of your baby’s soul.

If you are expecting and would like to receive the Divine Baby Blessing please contact me or see the Community Healers page listing to speak with a Sai Shakti healer in your area. Daddies-to-be and siblings are welcome to join this beautiful process to receive a special family blessing with you!

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Excerpted from DivineMotherCenter.org